Narges Ben Mlouka

Expert on issues related to the development and protection of vulnerable populations in emergency, post-emergency and development contexts.

Specialist in gender issues and gender equality in development projects. Coordinator of emergency, post-emergency and development projects in MENA, West Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

I am also a trainer in design, monitoring and evaluation of projects. I advise civil society actors in their organization and strategy.

I worked to build the capacity of many civil society actors in Africa, Maghreb and Middle East. Developed and coordinated a network of nearly two hundred associative and institutional actors working on issues of equality between men and women in Euro-Mediterranean.

I conducted studies on the situation of women and children victims of armed conflict in West Africa and co-authored a white paper on the situation of migrant workers in Asia.

Trained in monitoring and evaluation of projects in conflict zones, protection of vulnerable populations and gender issues in emergency, post-emergency and development projects. I am also a graduate in humanitarian assistance and development, international relations and psychology.